5 Reasons Any Business Should Start a Blog

Have you been tossing around the idea of starting a blog for your business but somehow haven't been convinced? Here are five great reasons to pull the trigger. Save a Bundle For a small business, the cost associated with a web presence can be a deal-breaker. A blog can act as a low-cost alternative. For larger companies, a blog can easily replace a costly marketing campaign. Customizable templates make it easy to match your blog to your brand, and a blog's ease of navigation makes it easy for readers to find what they're looking for. Like any web site, your blog can house a wealth of information about your company, and can provide an easy way for your customers to contact you.

Strut Your Stuff A blog gives you the chance to show off your expertise. For a small business, this is a great way to gain credibility. For a larger business, it enables you to establish yourself as the clear front-runner within your field.

A blog also gives your readers an insider's view of your company. Understanding how you do business not only makes a customer more likely to choose you over a competitor, but is an important element of customer loyalty. By using your blog to communicate your company's vision, values and mission, you can easily create a community of loyal customers and supporters.

Get Noticed No matter what size your business is, you're going nowhere if you can't get noticed on the web. Search engines like Google favor those sites that are updated frequently and that are chock full of links to other sites. A blog post is a natural jumping-off point for more in-depth research. By including links to outside resources, and encouraging others to link to your blog, you'll boost your search engine ranking and bring on loads of new readers.

Build Relationships Perhaps the most important function of a business blog is the development of real relationships—personal connections with your readers and the ability to engage potential customers one-on-one through well-written content and your responses to comments. In this day and age, a business that remains impersonal is doomed to fail. Your blog gives your business a voice.

No Sweat Blogging requires minimal time and effort. With an easy-to-use platform like Wordpress, even the least technical members of your team can make updates with just a few clicks of the mouse. No need to contact your web design team—just jot down your thoughts and publish. And technical support is just an email away.

Given a blog's low cost, ease of use and potential for increasing your business, wouldn't you agree that it's time to get started? There's simply no excuse! New business blogs are springing up at an astounding rate. Chances are that some of your competitors have already discovered the benefits of blogging. If you're not doing it yet, you're missing out!