Apple iPad 3 Announcement is Official

Apple iPad 3 Announcement Invitation Can you even stand the excitement?  I know while you found out about this at work, you wanted to run up and down the streets screaming with joy.  Well my friend, next week can't come soon enough.  It is finally here.  The iPad 3 is officially on its way.

[sarcasm end]

After an especially lenghty round or rumor manufacturing, the buzz finally reached full speed today as Apple sent out invitations to join them in San Francisco on March 7th. Looking at the invitation, it looks like we can expect to see a hot new iPad for sure.

Also, the line in the invitation might double as 2012's pickup line of the year.

We have something you really have to see.  And touch.

Apple's will be new CEO Tim Cook's first major product release since the passing of Steve Jobs.  The pressure will be high for Cook as everyone will naturally begin comparing his performance to the legendary Jobs.

Luckily, Apple has started to make a few moves to put a tiny bit of comfortable distance between that era of Apple and the future.  For example, Apple's recent "Text Book" announcement happened in New York City instead of the greater Palo Alto area.

This very announcement was rumored to also occur in NYC (but will be in San Francisco).

Cook has proven that he has no problem handling the pressure, but it must be something to know that you are always going to be compared to the greatest pitchman technology has ever seen.