Barter for Web Services

Stack of MoneyWe generally try to focus our advice towards beginner bloggers, but this one is for the more "seasoned" blogger. Know what you're worth!

There comes a point where your site is in limbo. You've risen to the top of the pack in your category. Or maybe you deserve to be on one of those "The Best ____ Blogs You've Never Heard Of." However, you're not quite making thousands of dollars a year.

So you'd like to keep blazing the trail, but you need some serious, professional services to get you there. Then again, you're not exactly raking in the dough.

So what do you do? Barter.

Your site has pretty good traffic, right. Heck, it has great traffic and is growing every day!

See if your potential service providers will accept a barter arrangement. They provide certain technical services for you in exchange for advertising space on your blog. That way, no cash ever has to exchange hands.

In our case, iCast Limited takes on the occasional barter deal. We serve advertisements that we sell to other companies and serve them on our network of bartered sites. So we make money all year long off the ads, and our clients get reliable, professional technical services.

Everybody is happy, and you didn't have to break the bank!