Blogging Greatness Takes Time

[viddler id=a6466150&w=545&h=349] Most of the advice published here on BlogCraving comes from the perspective of taking your hobby blog and turning it into a small business.  Do we mean "quit your day job" type business?  That would be awesome, but no.

By business we mean a site that can easily pay for itself (hosting cost and what not) as well as put a few extra bucks in your pocket each month.

For those that are really dedicated, you can keep your forward momentum going right into the kind of business that becomes a full-time job.

Unfortunately, what most people don't realize is the time it takes to reach these milestones.

Waking up one day and deciding that you want to turn your hobby blog into a money-making enterprise is definitely the first step.  Congratulations!

Step 2: Don't stop.  It won't happen in 3 months.  It might not happen in 6 months.  Honestly, it may be well over a year before your site really starts to get traction.   That's totally normal.

The trick is to just keep going.  There are so many opportunities along the way just give up.  It can be depressing in the early days when you don't have many people reading your great content.  That's ok.  Just keep moving forward.

Patience is the key.  And if you don't believe me, take it from social media and video blogger Gary Vaynerchuk in the clip above.