Pebble Beach: iPhone Pano

I was lucky enough to get an invite to play golf at Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay last spring. It was pretty spectacular. The courses were easily the most beautiful I've ever played. Every 50 feet was photo worthy.

Unfortunately, golf isn't conducive to hauling a DSLR around with you, but I did have my phone. Luckily, the scenery is so amazing that you can't screw up the photos.

Spanish Bay Golf
Spanish Bay Golf

The funny thing is stopping the urge to shoot everything pano. But the scenes are sweeping. There's no other way to capture it all.  These are just a few from that trip.

Foggy Lake

These shots were fun to take because the scene changed every 5 minutes without moving the camera.  These shots were taken in Hague, NY on Lake George this winter (January 2014). The fog moving across the semifrozen lake moved in and out every few minutes but always covered the sun like a thick filter.

The resulting images look like they were rendered down to black and white, but they are actually full color.

I've also been happy with how these images print, especially on the new metallic papers.  They grey of the silver papers creates an awesome finish.