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You may have heard about the cool, new (relatively) service by Betaworks called  It is a real-time web analytics service on steroids. Chartbeat's dashboard if fully animated, and updates before your very eyes in real time.  It is all part of the growing trend of tracking the "now-web."  You simply load your realtime dashboard and watch as every visitor enters and leaves your site in real time.

To the right, you can see what are the most popular sections/pages of your site at that very moment, plus how many people are on that page at the moment.  The size of the square denotes how many people are on that page.

The service also as a cool "heatmap" function that shows you how far down the average reader scrolls down on your page.

As if that weren't cool enough, it also has a built in uptime monitoring service.  You'll get an email alert if there's any problem or lag on your server.  You can then go back and chart any of those outages to trace the potential causes.

You'd expect to pay a good chunk of change for a service like this, but you won't.  For less than $10/month you can have your own Chartbeat account that tracks multiple sites.  Oh and there's a free 30 day trial.

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