Facebook Timeline Coming to 'Pages' on March 30th

Facebook Timeline for Pages and Businesses You officially have 29 days to prep your business' Facebook page for the conversion to Timeline.  That's right, Facebook has officially announced that current Pages will be converted to "Timeline" mode on March 30th.  No, the change is not optional.

Timeline has been controversial.  Ironically, there is a Facebook Page called "Facebook Timeline Sucks."  Little do they know how goofy that will look in 4 weeks.

If you have a Facebook page for your blog, you have until the end of the month to preview, prepare, end edit your page for Timeline deployment.  If you are ready to go, you can even push it live ahead of time.  However, after March 30th, it will automatically switch to Timeline mode forever.

Love it or hate it, Timeline does offer Page owners some handy new features.

You will now be able to take advantage of the large "Cover Photo" across the top of the page that you see in personal profiles using Timeline today.

Messaging is finally coming to Pages.  In the current (old) version of Pages, users were unable to send the brand a private message like you can to real people.  Now, users will be able to communicate directly and privately with the Page/Brand.

In the new version, you will also be able to "Pin" things to the top of your page such as maps, events, calendars, etc. giving your page admin some more control over the organization of content.  Pinned posts will also appear a bit larger than the regular status update.

There will also be an enhancement made to the admin dashboard that shows additional usage statistics such as likes, unanswered comments, and other performance indicators all from one page.

Log into your Pages today and see how your brand Page will look in preview mode.  Then get to work!