Free Wordpress Technical Support

BlogCraving specializes in Wordpress based gossip websites. If you visit, you can see a list of our client samples.  We currently serve many of the top gossip sites. We offer you the piece of mind that you general technical site needs will be handled by a professional that knows 1) Wordpress, and 2) the celeb blog biz.

Each month, you'll receive the piece of mind that things like upgrades, server bugs, code errors, etc can be quickly addressed. And again, it doesn't cost you any money out of pocket...ever.

Our service agreement is paid for by simply placing an ad unit on your website. This ad unit does not conflict with any other ads you currently have on your site. iCast sells those ads to cover the cost of our services for you.  Therefore, your technical needs are completely paid for at no cost to you.

Here's an example of a recent case where BlogCraving came in handy for one of our clients.

The client installed a new plugin that turned out to have some malicious scripts in it. The plugin caused a significant error in the database itself.

Unfortunately, the client's host backed up the site every 24 hours. However, the client did not notice the problem until 3 days after the fact. So all of the backups had been tainted with the bad code in the database.

We were able to manually go into the database and clean up the errors by hand. We had the site back up and running 100% within 3 hours. The client was on the brink of losing 2 years worth of posts!

We also handle the more simple, but annoying tasks like system upgrades, general maintenance, SEO, etc.  You can choose to spend your monthly maintenance time any way you choose.

And when the time comes for bigger projects, we offer preferred hourly rates for construction of new content and design.

We would love to make your site one of the newest members of the BlogCraving family. Cancel any time.

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