Get More Blog Readers by Having Others Write About You

As a developer, we are often told by clients that they just don't know why they don't have more readers. As a matter of fact, that's often why many clients come to us. Unfortunately, we don't have some sort of magic wand to bring in the masses.

So let's assume that your content is pretty good. Let's also assume that has provided you with a kickass template, taking your blog from the depths of amateurism, to blog stardom. Then what?

You could buy advertising. That's a pretty turnkey method. Unfortunately, it costs money, and the visitors is brings rarely turn into regular readers. It's more of a hit and run situation.

Link exchanges? Lame. Trust me, it's a waste of your time.

If only you could get popular blogs to write about you. Wait! That's it, get bigger blogs to write about you. It's that simple. Haha...ok no not really. But it is not impossible.

First, you have to find blogs that have similar topics and themes as yours. Yes, believe it or not, I guarantee you were not the first, nor are you the only person blogging about your topic. So get out there and find some others.

Then, participate in their blog discussions. Post some legitimate comments on their blogs. Make yourself known. Other bloggers are paying attention to who is commenting. If you're contributing meaningful discussion, you'll be noticed.

Next, get your hands on the blogger's email address. Most bloggers have a "tipster" address or submission address to send story ideas. It's there for a reason! If you've writing something (today) about something that would be of interest to other blogs, drop them a line.

Be honest, and don't act like a greasy used car salesman. Say listen, I just posted something about XYZ, and I think you might really be interested in it. Hope you get a chance to check it out.

Then, they will probably check it out. Hopefully it inspires them to write their own post about the same issue. Then, per the blogger unwritten code of ethics, they will link back to you!

Don't do this for every post you make...just the ones that you are especially proud of. Eventually, the other bloggers will start to check you out on a regular basis. You keep turning out good content, and before you know it, you will get regular linkbacks.

Soon, readers will start coming straight to you!