The Art of the Guest Post

Ever heard of a guest post?  If not, it may be one of your favorite ideas ever when it comes to keeping content on your site updated regularly. In a nutshell, a guest post is when someone completely unrelated to your blog writes a post for you.  They aren't pretending to be you or anything, but they are contributing.  It's like a contributing editor or writer.

How do you get them?  Well hopefully, you've developed some relationships with other bloggers in your space.  You might reach out to them and offer them the chance to guest post on your site.  That might be all it takes.

You might first offer to provide them with a guest post written by you. Chances are they will run it.  Just make sure to write something that isn't time sensitive.  In other words, write something they can stick in the "rainy day" folder, and break out when they need something in a pinch.

If you have a fairly good amount of traffic, you could just ask your readers to submit something.  Many of them are probably bloggers themselves and would be willing to do it.

The payoff for you is a little breathing room to take a break.  They are great to have on days you are not feeling the mojo.  They can also bring you outside readers that may click in from the author's never know.