How to See What Google Sees in Your Site

Ever wonder what Google sees in your blog or website? Well, you some extent. All you have to do is search for your stuff and see if it shows up right? Well that would probably take all day. So here's how you get there a little faster. Let's use as the example.

Log onto Google. In the search field, do each of these searches individually.

What does each search mean?

First, when you do the search, make sure to have the qualifier in before your domain. So your search should look like Note the "site:" part. There is no space between the ":" and your URL.

site: Will pull all of the pages that Google has listed for you in their system. All the pages will be pages from your site.

link: Will pull a list of all the sites/pages from other websites that link to you. Especially handy.

cache: A snaphot of the last time Google crawled your site.

info: See what info Google has registered for your site.

related: Pulls up sites that have similar content to you. Check out the competition.