How to Start a Great Wordpress Blog


So let's dispense with the formalities.  I know you are probably thinking, "This must be some sort of a scam."

I promise you, it is not.  This is free information, nothing more.  You will never be asked for a credit card number, address, phone number, etc.  Nothing.  Just you're name and email address so we can email you each lesson.

Even your email address is safe, we hate SPAM as much as you do.  We despise it!  So you will never get any unwanted spam from us, and you're information will never be sold.  If that still makes you nervous, you can unsubscribe at questions asked.

BlogCraving uses Aweber to send our emails, an industry leader.  They have a zero-tolerance policy for spam.  BlogCraving would quickly get banned if we started sending you spam or unwanted emails.

Feel better now?

Here's what you'll get in this course:

Part 1 - Your plan of attack. How to pick your killer category, and crush it.  INSTANT! Part 2 - Designing your blog brand. How to design your site to match your voice. Part 3 - Site hosting. How to pick the best web host that can grow with you (cheap). Part 4 - Getting noticed. How to get the first eyeballs on your site, plus your next 10,000. Part 5 - Show me the money. How to generate advertising money without doing any work. Part 6 - Tracking your growth. How to track how fast you are growing, and keep it going.

So give it a try.  You will get Lesson 1 sent to you instantly.  If you discover it isn't something you're interested in, you can unsubscribe with the click of a button.  You've got nothing to lose!  Enjoy.