Interesting SEO Interview with Aaron Wall

I just finished listening to an on-demand clip from the latest ShoeMoney radio show. This week, Shoe interviewed Aaron Wall, the owner of SEO Book.  It is always interesting to hear experts "having a chat" about their expertise.  The thing I like about the ShoeMoney show is how I feel like a fly on the wall just listening to their conversation.  Typically, it is as if Shoe and his guests are just having a beer, shooting the breeze about the latest web marketing trends.

That was no different on this latest show.  It peaked my interest too because Aaron was talking a bit about his new 12 part SEO course he launched.

Here at BlogCraving, we have been rolling out some new free courses and instructional guides.  Because of that, I have been out actively studying courses offered by other people to get ideas on some things we should offer here at BlogCraving.

Anyway, the point is, if you're a web geek, it is a great show you should checkout some time.