It costs how much?!

Getting a new website off the ground shouldn't be that expensive. Most small business owners don't need super fancy, super complicated sites! 279561728_003d6bda47_m.jpgMost small business owners need to have a simple site up on the web TODAY because their competition already does. For example, you own a small restaurant on the upper east side. Your diner's need to know about how fabulous your food is! The also want to see what the food looks like, how your dining room is decorated, and how they can make a reservation.

If you don't have that information up on your own website, you are going to lose business. Period.

Most NYC residents search for restaurants online. They want to "preview" the restaurant before they dine. So, they head to the web. If you don't have a site, your competition will be stealing your business.

Most restaurateurs know that all they have to do is get the customers to come in once. As soon as they have their first bite of food, they're hooked! But the hard part is getting the customers in the door. Here's were your website comes in handy.

Find out how theIcast can help get more butts in the seats of your restaurant...or people into your store location.