Keyword Targeting: Twitter's Latest Tool for Advertisers

In order to be a successful business, you have to know exactly where to promote to reach your target audience. By using keyword targeting, you will not only find your target audience but put your product or service directly in front of their eyes as well. With such precise audience targeting, it will improve a business' chances for success. twitter_keywords

How Keyword Targeting Works

Keyword targeting works by allowing businesses to reach a potential audience sharing tweets that contain certain keywords. By finding these keywords, businesses can use Promoted Tweets to promote relevant products or services to reach the active audience

In order to use the feature, businesses will first have to use Ads APRI or Twitter Ads UI. With the services, advertisers that want to create campaigns with certain keywords simply have to enter the target keywords or phrases. The businesses will also be able to narrow the target audience down further by indicating device, gender, or location.

How Businesses Can Take Advantage of Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is very beneficial to businesses that want to find more people that may potentially become followers and buyers. For example, when using keyword targeting and Promoted Tweets, companies can reach those with relevant interests. Because Promoted Tweets are often relevant, they are less likely to be dismissed by people using the social media platform.

There are other ways of finding particular keywords to take advantage of as well. For example, you can:

  • Type keywords or phrases in the “Search” box. By using the “Search” box, you will easily be able to see recent posts containing the target keywords or phrases. It is a quick and easy way to see what is being discussed in real-time. You can also easily use this method to scout out how your competition is doing by using their business name for the “Search” option. The method is additionally an excellent way of discovering what others are saying about your business as well.
  • Keep an eye on the “Trends” list. The “Trends” list clearly indicates what is trending that day in different parts of the world. By keeping up with trends, you will be able to take advantage of certain keywords at the right times.
  • Combine other tools with your social media marketing scheme. There are a number of tools available to help you calculate what keywords to target and find relevant users. For example, Twollow allows you to automatically follow people using specific keywords (up to five for free). TweetGrid is particularly handy for finding out what keywords (up to nine) are being used in real-time. However, with so many different tools available for different tasks, you will need to do your research to discover what will work best for you.
  • Optimize your Twitter company profile. If you want other people to find you easily, it is highly beneficial to optimize your profile. By doing so, you will make it easier for people to find you by using keyword categorizing tools such as Twellow.

Learning how to use keyword targeting methods is a must if you want to narrow in on your target audience and get your message out to them.