Making the Web LIVE

Well, the web is approaching another one of those tipping points, and it seems that "LIVE" is the next big thing. Through sites such as and, users can stream video live to the world.  They also capture this live video and turn it around into ondemand video content after the live event is over.  So you can go back and watch the recording.

The real groundbreaker is the live video comes straight off your cellphone.  A live streaming video gets pumped wirelessly up into the cloud and back down onto these sites.

So you could be sitting in your company board meeting, pull out your cell phone, and stream the meeting to your offices around the world in real time. 

Click your song and dance...then click stop.  It's that easy.

It can take the concept of live blogging to a whole new level.

Right now, the streaming tech is available on certain Nokia phones and some other models.  The good news is that Qik is releasing an iPhone version of their system very soon (if they haven't already).  I'd imagine it will be out with the AppStore.