How To: Use Mobile To Generate More Traffic

Mobile has become a phenomenon; between the explosive device sales and increase in attention towards monetization of mobile, companies are trying to figure out exactly what to do with it.

However the one fact that marketers, and businesses as a whole are facing is get ready for mobile, or be ready to lose – with this article I want to try to help you win by using mobile to generate even more traffic for your website.

Utilize native mobile technologies

Mobile has the inherent benefit of additional communication technologies that the desktop does not have. For instance over 7 billion SMS messages we’re sent in 2011 according to ABI research and it’s an under utilized marketing channel. As such a prominent communication method – especially if your target customers or audience use SMS frequently then it’s a valuable avenue to explore.

If you do run an SMS campaign carefully consider the text used and be sure to include a link to your business for web-enabled smartphones. In addition to SMS consider how your emails are being sent and any signature that you are using is optimized for a mobile device, and when they land on your website it’s optimized for mobile as well. 

Ensure your website is mobile-ready

There are two main considerations to make sure your site is mobile ready, the first is named responsive design and uses cascading style sheets with flexible images to adapt your website to the screen size of the device.

This has turned out to be a great method for websites to easily prepare a mobile-version of their website and optimize for any kind of device that visits their site.

The one downside to responsive design is if your site features many ad’s or relies on ad’s to drive revenue these do not resize well and as a result can't make your site appear poorly. The second is developing a specific mobile site that is optimized for different screen sizes.

If you run a powered website, you can also look at plugins such as WPTouch which simply make your website mobile ready.

Mobile specific landing pages

The use case for mobile is vastly different, especially if the user is on a smart phone or tablet. As such, target your specific landing pages for these use cases and make them optimized for each screen size so the user can quickly get the information they need, but also provide enough depth so that if a visitor is using a tablet and browsing your site for 1 minute or more they can find all the information they need.

Ad targeting

Ad targeting has improved significantly over the past few years; specifically Facebook and Google allow you to target specific devices. This could be a great way to make a splash that your business now has a mobile ready page and promote a product offering – or simply integrate mobile in with any current ad campaigns in that you are already running.

If you use paid ads for your business, make sure to explore the mobile targeting options available to you. Also depending on your business a mobile content network (ad’s that show up within apps) can be worthwhile to explore.

In addition, content ideas that can drive traffic such as mobile-only giveaways which are available only on a mobile version of your website can be a great way to drive an increased amount of traffic and capture a visitor's attention so they continually will come back.

In summary becoming mobile focused should be a huge priority for you business. Try some of these tips to get your business ready and let us know in the comments how they work.