Networking with other Bloggers

Blog World Expo 2008 Being a successful blogger means more than just running your website.  You have to be part of the community if you want to truly become a name in the blogosphere.

There's many things you can do including reading and commenting on other blogs.  The more you make yourself known to other bloggers, the more likely they are to acknowledge you on their site.

This is a fairly common practice since if doesn't require you getting off the couch.  You can easily sit around and spend an hour a day interacting with other bloggers.  Eventually, it will begin to pay dividends.

What if there were a better way?

As much as we might try, nothing will ever beat the power of face to face interaction.  It sounds so "analog" to say, but it is true, and it will always be true.

Luckily, there are plenty of formal blogger interactions around the country.  Getting there and meeting people is the fastest way to get yourself known.

For example, the Blog World Expo is coming up in October.  It's in fabulous Las Vegas at the convention center.  It is probably the largest blogger conference in the country.  Not only will you meet leaders in the industry face to face, but you will also come away having learned a ton.

Can't swing the $600 - $1200 to attend?

Start smaller.  Search for a local Meetup in your area.  There you'll meet with a small group of passionate bloggers like yourself.  Have a few drinks and a little nosh.  Your personal network will start to grow faster than you think.

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