Facebook Forces Users to Adopt Facebook Email Alias: How to Undo

Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere are a buzz today after the latest bullish move by Facebook.  Without you knowing, Facebook decided that you would prefer to have your public email address as:  yourname@facebook.com @facebook.com email address.

If you had made your personal or business email address public in your profile (or even just visible to your friends), Facebook went ahead and changed that.

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Facebook has decided you will use their email whether you want to, or not.

My story is just like the millions of Facebook users that are now realizing what changes were made.

I had a few email addresses visible in my profile depending on the reason you may be reaching out to me.  I had both my personal GMail account public as well as a business email address since I am Facebook friend with many industry colleagues.

However, you would never have known it by looking at my contact info earlier today.  You would just have seen travislusk@facebook.com.  My GMail and Work info had disappeared.

They are not deleted from my account info, but rather set to "not show" on my Facebook timeline.

How to change your Facebook email info in your profile.

Yes, it is annoying as hell (more on that later).  However, it is not that difficult to change.

1) Log into your account and view your Info in your profile. 2) Click the EDIT button.

Edit your Facebook Email Preferences 3) Next to each email address, there is a little drop down that will let you select your preference for that email address to be publicly viewable on your timeline.

Change your Facebook Email Settings  4) Set the @facebook one to not be viewable if you do not plan to use it.  Note: You cannot delete it like you can with other email addresses tied to your account.

It appears that if you had no email address publicly visible, Facebook honored that choice by not showing your new @facebook.com address either.  But if you were public with a specific email address, that one is now almost certainly hidden.  You'll have to go back in and make it available again.


Many have pointed out that this is a spammer's dream because the method for creating the addresses was pretty simple: FirstNameLastName@facebook.com.  Not that hard to decode.
As Stephen Chapman from ZDnet points out, the new Facebook email alias is a spammer's paradise.  Messages emailed to you from your Facebook friends will end up in your Facebook messages just like everything else.  However...

Emails from any email address that’s not tied to the account of individuals you’re “friends” with, will go to your “Other” folder.

As Chapman points out, that means plenty of false positives will end up in your "Other" folder, mixed in with all the spam.  That will mean it is time to go dumpster diving for messages buried in all the trash.

With headlines like "Facebook is trying to hijack your email address," from sites like CNN, I'm sure we will see an announcement and justification from Facebook in the coming days.

Otherwise, we'll have to send Kara Swisher after Zuck one more time.

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