How Personal Should You Get in Your Blog Posts?

One of the questions that I get asked quite often is about how personal should you get in your blog posts and honestly my only answer is “that depends on what your blog is about”.  For example if you are writing a review on a product or service then your point of view is important.  If you are writing a site on relationship problems and how to solve them, then your own personal experience might be relevant and helpful.  If you write about politics you can be opinionated but if you are updating your workplace blog then third person anecdotes and factual information might be more appropriate.

Personally I share as much of myself as is necessary to get my point across.  If I am writing about “make money tips’ then some of the things I have done and tried would be good examples to use in a post. 

When I write book reviews I give my opinion and the reasons for it.  There are times, like in the relationship niche for example, where I have used life experience to illustrate certain points but personally I don’t think that topics like what I had for breakfast, what I watched on TV last night, or what my mates and I got up to at the beach last summer is really important – because none of my blog topics are based on television programs, food or hijinks.

There are times when the personal approach is a good one.  Rori Raye, on her relationship sites gives a lot of personal stories about how she changed the state of her marriage by following the advice that she sells – heaven’s her business is based on it.  Tiffany Dow who is a well-known Internet Marketer shoots little videos of her dog, Honey, and puts them on her blog along with the more useful information – her readers love it.  John Chow is another successful blogger who actually does video trips he goes on with his family, places he goes to lunch and things like that – his readers love that he shares these aspects of his life along with really useful information about how others can succeed online.

So what is the point of this blog post?  Well that is simple.  To give you the same answer that I would give anybody else – it depends on the topic of your blog.  Another couple of tips I would suggest given that large corporations and employers now do searches on the internet for references to their employees (or applicants) is don’t post anything online you would not want to share in a job interview – because you will never know when that embarrassing photo someone took of you last summer will show up on your Facebook page.