Using the Ping List to Increase Your Blog Exposure

Many new blog owners don’t know what a ping is, let alone how to use this quiet little function to increase traffic to their blogs.  Put simply a “ping” is an automatic notification of new and updated content to sites that collect RSS feeds for their own subscribers.  By pinging these sites you create backlinks for your blog and you have the chance to increase your organic (that means free) traffic figures. To utilize this function in your WP blog you need to go to “Settings” in your admin panel and click on “Writing” in the drop down menu that comes up.

Writing Page in Wordpress

This will bring you up a page like the one above.  You need to scroll down this page until you find…

You won’t have anything in this block when you install your new blog – you have to find a ping list to copy and paste into it.  To help you here are ten you can include by simply copying the links below and pasting them into that box: http://bblog.comping.php

Make sure that when you paste them into this box that there is only one link per line – you don’t have to put commas after them.

Now just click save and then every time you update or create a page or blog post all of the sites listed in your ping list will be notified.   Subscribers to those sites, who are interested in your particular area of expertise will be notified automatically about your new content and before long you will have plenty of new people coming along to your site, to see what you have to say.