Third Rackspace Cloud Outage in 2009

Whoops.  Rackspace went offline again in a glorious fashion yet again.  It is a major bummer for customers ( is hosted in the Rackspace Cloud) because most of us love Rackspace. Outages like this at Rackspace are felt across the web.  They host some major sites like TechCrunch.

All of our sites and client sites are hosted in the cloud because they are so reliable.  We've never had a traffic surge related issue or any other downtime. The only time the sites have been offline are when Rackspace goofed on the server power.

Literally, there was a power failure as a result of some sort of maintenance they were doing.  Again!  Unfortunately, when an entire part of the grid goes offline, you can't just flip the power switch back on and have the sites instantly back.   All of the hardware needs to be manually rebooted, tested, and deployed in a certain order.  That's how a 5 minute power failure turns into hours of downtime.

I'll give the RS guys a pass on this one just because their service really is amazing.  And their tech support staff really are the best in the business.  They really seem to care about helping you as best they can.  That's pretty hard to find in this business.

Plus, the General Manager just sent a nice note to all of the customers admitting they f-ed up big time.

We live by high standards and clearly have not lived up to them.  We welcome any feedback.  If you would like a call from me, or anyone on our senior team to discuss these issues personally, please reply with a phone number.

We have work to do to earn back your trust.  We will not rest until we have.

Thank you,

Emil Sayegh

General Manager, The Rackspace Cloud

I like that he says they screwed up, and need to work hard to earn my trust back.  It's refreshing to deal with vendors that call it like it is.