Freedom Not So Free at PdF2008?

In an interesting side story of the PdF2008 conference, it turns out that the conference actually had to pay Jazz at Lincoln Center for the rights to record, tape, and distribute the content of the conference.  Jazz at Lincoln Center retains the copyright to all "performances" in their facility.  So to get your hands on it, you have to cough up the money. Very ironic for a conference about free, open distribution of information to the masses.

As a result, you have to show a hard press ID in order to record anything.  And you better believe that the ushers are hardcore about enforcing the rules.  They seem to love:

- Keeping you from jumping over the rows in front of you or behind you. - Putting your feet on anything - Bringing bottles of water in the room - Blocking rows with computer bags or power cords

Funny but sad at the same time.

The Flip for Video

The Flip UltraOne way to add a little interest to your blog is incorporating some video now and then.  Of course, you could always troll YouTube to find a clip that someone else put together.  Or, you could shoot your own. There's a little camera that has made some noise in the media lately.  It's called The Flip Ultra.

It's a stupidly simple camera to use...I just picked one up.  It has 3 buttons.  Play, record, and delete.  That's it.  You litterally point it and start recording.

It holds up to an hour of video.

Then, it has a little flip out USB plug that inserts right into your computer.  Then, you download your clips.  It even has editing software built right into the camera itself, so no matter what computer you use, you've always got your software on hand.

The best part is the price: $150 or less through sites like Amazon.

So you can have a video camera in your pocket at all times for just $150.

All you have to do then is open up your own YouTube account, and get posting.  Comes in a bunch of colors too.