Facebook Creates Official Plugin for Wordpress

Facebook and the Wordpress development community have teamed up to build a more integrated Facebook sharing plugin. An official Facebook plugin for Wordpress. The plugin is available at Wordpress.org for free.

Wordpress is the largest digital publishing platform powering over 16% of the sites on the Internet.  Stop and think about that for a second.  A single platform powers over 16% of the sites on the entire Internet.  That's pretty amazing.  As you've read here before, we are big Wordpress fans.

Official Facebook for Wordpress plugin

The plugin allows Wordpress authors to tag their friends on Facebook from within the article that they are writing.  That tag shares the story snippet onto your friend's wall.

You can also tag pages (fan pages) from within the post, or update your own status.

Make your WordPress site social in a couple of clicks, powered by Facebook.

This kind of deeper Wordpress integration makes sharing authored content onto Facebook that much easier.  No more having to copy/paste the link to your latest update and ping it out to everyone manually.  You can all your Facebook promotion and post syndication from right inside the Wordpress platform.  To use it is just as easy as the tagging feature in the Wordpress core.

The setup is a little tricky.  The plugin requires some extra steps and signups to pass the security muster of Facebook.  Basically, you have to create a Facebook "application" in order for seamless system interplay.  The whole process is fairly painless as long as you follow all the setup instructions.

The new plugin also comes with some extra Widgets for your sidebars.  Very easy to drag and drop into the site.

Jetpack for Wordpress

The new suite of plugins called Jetpack (by Wordpress.com) offers an all-inclusive set of features for self-hosted blogs. Jetpack WordpressOne of the things I am asked most by friends and strangers:

That plugins do I need for my Wordpress blog?

I get this question most often from people who have recently moved their blogs over from Wordpress.com to the self-hosted Wordpress.org version.

The core of both platforms is nearly identical with the exception that the self-hosted version requires you to install all of your own plugins.  Most, but not all, of the features available in Wordpress.com are available as one-off plugins in the open marketplace.

Unfortunately, you are responsible for updates and anything that goes wrong if they experience bugs.

I've used Wordpress for about 7 years, and in all that time I have always wondered why certain plugins do not just come with the core Wordpress.org download.  I know the reason is that Wordpress.org is an open source program that does not want to play favorites with certain developers.  It makes some sense.

Finally, Automattic released a solution under the brand name, Jetpack.

Jetpack includes:

  • Subscriptions - Let users subscribe via email.
  • Image & RSS Links Widgets - Add them to your sidebars.
  • Gravatar Hovercards - Enhance your Gravatars by allowing users to hover over a Gravatar to see more information about that user.
  • WordPress.com Stats - The good old stats program you are used to from Wordpress.com.
  • Twitter Widget - Tweet Tweet
  • Shortcodes - Add embeddable content, like video players, to your posts with easy shortcodes.
  • Shortlinks - Utilize the WP.me link shortener.
  • Sharedaddy - Add social media sharing buttons to your posts.
  • After the Deadline - Hands down the best spelling and grammar checker for Wordpress.
  • Vaultpress - A premium (paid) service for backing up your entire blog.
  • Beautiful Math - Allows you to add geeky math equations in posts.
  • Enhance Distribution - Ping your content out to all the search engines and content aggregators.

There is a pretty significant benefit of automatic updates.  The group of plugins will automatically update as new features and bugs are fixed.  Jetpack also claims that new features will automatically be included as well.

I'm also glad to see that Automattic is starting to take advantage of their name...and making things Automatic.

Top WordPress Plugins and Widgets for Bloggers

WordPress is the best blogging tool anyone can use. The most exciting part of WordPress is that it is flexible to use and has many options. Users can get more plugins to have much more fun while blogging. Here are some recommended WordPress plugins to make the blogging experience more adventurous. WordPress plugins and widgets are categorized based on their usage.

Manage Comments with WordPress:

  • Subscribe to Comments: To allow readers get notifications of latest comments posted on an entry.
  • WP AJAX Edit Comments: This allows wordpress users to edit commentary on posts inline.
  • WP Grins: Allows users to include clickable “smilies” on posts and comments.

Prevent Spam with WordPress:

  • Akismet: This plug-in intelligently prevents users from receiving spam.
  • Bad Behavior: These are a set of PHP scripts to prevent spambots from accessing the site.
  • Digital Fingerprint: This helps in detecting theft of your content.

Expert SEO with WordPress:

  • All in one SEO Pack: This helps users by optimizing the WordPress Blog for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Broken Link Checker: This helps one to monitor and notify them when the links on blogs are broken.

Easy Navigation with WordPress:

  • Homepage Excerpts: These make both posts and excerpts flexible to use on the homepage.
  • WordPress Mobile Edition: This indicates when a visitor logs on to your site through a mobile device.
  • Random Redirect: This plugin allows the user to create a StumbleUpon link to the posts on the blogs.
  • Wp-Cumulus: Makes 3D tags and categories in a rotating sphere.
  • Clean Archives: This displays the archives in lists with uniformity and clean presentation. Visitors can easily find the article or blog they want by checking in the category according to content, day, month and year.

Twitter Plugins with Twitter:

  • TweetSuite: This incorporates twitter into your blogs along with other tweet plugins and widgets.
  • WP Twitip ID: This allows users to put in their usernames to the comment forms on blogs.

Admin Management Tools in WordPress:

  • PodPress: This enables the user to add many designed features to make their blogs exciting and ideal to host Podcasts.
  • Admin Drop Down Menu: No more double clicking on the admin screen. This plugin allows you to choose from a list making things easier and quicker.

There are many more plugins for various necessities. You can easily download those which work best for you.