Top 3 Reasons to Allow Guest Blogging on your Blog

 The 3 top reasons to Allow Guest Blogging on your Blog

If you’re a dedicated blogger, you may resist the idea of allowing guest bloggers to write posts. You may even view guest bloggers as intruders attempting to benefit from the hard work you’ve put into building an audience for your blog.

However, you’re missing a wonderful opportunity to improve your blog and your own professional standing by taking such a position.

Rather than posing a threat, high quality guest blog posts from the right guest bloggers can actually improve your blog.

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Expanded Reach

By allowing guest bloggers to post your blog, you increase your network. This is especially true if you encourage posts from subject matter experts or individuals who are not full time bloggers but who hold positions in companies or fields related to your blog.

Additionally, by allowing guest bloggers, you will almost certainly draw some of their readers to your blog. This is because guest bloggers often publicize their guest blog posts in their own blogs. It’s natural that at least some of their readers will read their guest blog posts.

At least some of those readers may find themselves reading your posts and become at least semi regular readers of your blog as a result.

One Hand Washes the Other

One of the best ways of enhancing your credentials as a blogger or as a subject matter expert is by writing guest blog posts for respected blogs.If you have a reputation for being generous in allowing other bloggers to write guest posts on your blog, you may receive a warmer reception when you make a pitch to write your own guest post.

On the other hand, if you never allow other bloggers to post on your blog, you may find it difficult to persuade other bloggers to allow you to write guest posts.

Enhanced Content

Of course you launched your blog to establish your own voice and because you wished to express your own messages and opinion. However, unless you’re on a complete vanity trip, you also intend for your blog to provide meaningful information to your readers.

High quality blog posts provide enhanced content from a different point of view. You can engage your guest bloggers as well as your readers in meaningful discussion about important issues through blog posts, comments and replies.

Guest bloggers can also ensure that your blog retains a consistent high quality by allowing you to take breaks rather than writing when you’re feeling fatigued or suffering from writers’ block.

Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Guest Bloggers

Just because you accept guest bloggers to post on your blog doesn’t mean that you have to accept every guest blog post.

If you intend to accept guest bloggers as a regular practice, post guidelines for guest bloggers to establish standards for what you will and won’t accept. Even if your blog hosts posts from guest bloggers only occasionally, be wary of accepting guest blog posts that are very short or filled with back links to the guest blogger’s own blog or affiliate links – your own blog may be “punished” by search engine administrators as carrying low quality content.