Uncovering the most Profitable Keywords for your Business

In the fierce competition laden world of the internet, a webmaster would always aim at getting as much number of visitors as possible. But getting traffic isn’t just about quantity. You have to consider the conversion rates of your site’s visitors. Thus, you have to aim at ranking for keywords that mean the most to your business. And this is where keywords play a major role. Without taking time to getting the appropriate keywords, your SEO efforts will be useless.

Let’s go over a few but helpful tips in uncovering the most profitable keywords for your business. 

Finding out your business’ most relevant keywords

This may seem easy for those who are doing this for their own business. Perhaps, they know every single speck of their site’s content but finding the business’ most meaningful keywords also take a couple of important considerations such as:

  1. Think of the best way to describe your site to others – Being the site’s owner or after learning more about it as an SEO consultant will provide you knowledge of even the most technical aspect of the business. But this kind of knowledge may be too complicated to your target market. It will be best to focus on the business’ aspect that others will find interesting and helpful.
  2. Find out how your target audience describe your business – While figuring how you will best describe your site to others, it is equally important to realize how others recognize your business. Try to look at your business from others’ point of view and the keywords that they will likely use to search for your products or service.
  3. Focus on your unique and most profitable product – If you have a unique product that gives you an edge over your competitor, it will help to focus on this to drive visitors to your site rather than on your competitor’s.

To avoid consuming too much time on this strategy, there are tools that you can use for this for free such as Google Adwords to figure out the best keywords to use in advertising one’s products or service and Google Trends to figure out how often a term is used throughout time.

Spying on competitors

This could be tantamount to recognition of the competitor’s success or engaging in what some may deem as an unethical deed. The question now is, should one spy on the competitor’s keywords? Certainly.

In the corporate world, spying on competitors and learning about what they are doing successfully is an essential field in strategic research analysis. Same strategy is widely used, or perhaps, even more rampant in the online world. The wide array of free online tools such as Open Site Explorer, Keyword Spy, SpyFu, etc., bears evidence to this.

Having mentioned these free online tools, it should not take any business to waste an extensive amount of time in Google to see which keywords their seemingly almighty competitors rank well. And while doing this, you should always remember to take a couple of considerations such as knowing your competitor’s most important pages in their site, which keywords they used for their ads and how long they’ve used them, do those keywords seem to make them money, which keywords do your competitors rank in top ten, etc.

Being armed with the most valuable keywords where our competitors rank will help you know which keywords to use in order to rank high among your competitors. Better yet, you have the opportunity to even rank higher than them.

Final Words

Indeed, there are a lot of ways in doing keyword research and you should figure out which works well by knowing your business, your target market and your competitors as well. Putting these efforts all together will lead you to getting the most profitable keywords for our business.