Wordpress Backups: What's your disaster plan?

What is your backup plan for your Wordpress site? You do have one, right? Anyone that has experienced a personal computer crashing or a web server disaster will tell you the same thing...they wish they had been better about backing up their files.

I don't care how often you think you will end up backing your systems up, it is never enough if you are doing it manually. Take it from someone who has gone down that road before.

I used to tell myself that I would be regular about backing up both my Mac and my websites. Hoe hard could it be? All that has to be done is setting aside a fee minutes on a regular basis to save some files to secondary storage. Not hard at all. It always seems to work for the a first few days or weeks too.

Inevitably, daily backups become weekly. Then weekly become monthly. Then monthly becomes never.

Then disaster strikes.

Your site gets hacked. An error occurs in your code. Your database becomes corrupted.


Luckily for Wordpress based sites, there is now a dead simple, bulletproof solution. Introducing VaultPress by Automattic.

The whiz kids behind Wordpress.com, Gravatar, Akismet, etc. have created a service that automatically backes up your entire Wordpress site, including database and static files without any manual intervention.

You simply install the ValutPress plugin into your site and never touch it again. From that point forward, VaultPress saves copies of file on your site and eve database entry onto the Wordpress.com enterprise infrastructure.

Within seconds of making a new post or template change, a backup copy is saved to VaultPress.

Multiple times a day, the system makes entire backups if your site.

If the unthinkable should ever happen to you, there is a full site backup sitting for you just waiting to be restored. Crisis averted.

There is also an additional service that checks your site for dangerous or malicious code. You are alerted to it's presence right away. There is even a function that pushes instant updates to your core files when new security fixes are released.

The $15 per month cost is NOTHING compared to losing years of work.

VaultPress is still in private beta, but you can sign up for an invite.

UPDATE: VaultPress is open to everyone now!